The Mechanics of Water Fountains


With little to no splatter, these landscape water features are nicely suited to an interior and exterior features. The troughs could be fabricated to be linear or curved in any span necessary. They may also be designed to be able to create a water wall to sit against an apartment, vertical surface or left the free-falling water.

A variation of falling water is the involved in these outdoor water fountains called rain curtains, which uses a similar demanding to send water cascading along a mesh screen on one or both sides of the display. To find out more about rain drapes, contact us.

If you’re wanting and needing the look and sound of rain in your backyard or a office or hotel courtyard, these garden fountains are something to consider.

Giving you all the features a rainfall provides, pick from two lip styles to best fit your need (Underside or 90 degrees) and spacing alternatives of 1″ or 1/2″ straight spacing or 1/2″ counter spacing.

How Much Water Do You Need?

Pump though a huge number of gallons per hour of recycled water flow thru the rain curtain fountain, there is virtually no dash because of the exceptional design of the water wall’s recycling reservoir. The design allows for the creation of indoor as well as outdoor rain drapes. The fountain’s rain falls gradually under pressure, not at the speed of gravitation, leading to a natural sounding and looking shower wall.

Controlling The Sound and Look of a Fountain

Usually, the nozzles have a free waterfall design using single hand drilled holes instead of expensive metal nozzles that require correcting cleaning and replacing.

With a push of a button or a queue that is programmed the maze can immediately change shape.

During the day, the falling water can act as a play feature, but at nighttime, or under controlled lighting conditions, these water features become a great showpiece and water fountain. Using projected imagery and color changing light, rain water can become a backdrop for a concert, a mesmerizing nighttime draw, or unique and interactive special event.